Double House - Villa

In this project, the employer had no idea that he either needed a cozy cottage or a large villa. So, after several meetings with the client, our architectural firm decided to take over the whole process - from idea to implementation in Kordan, Iran. In the first step, we decided to design a small and cozy cottage inside a house that maintains its independent function. This cottage is also connected to the rest of the building. So that, in some situations, the cottage and the house can be used as a single building(for example, hosting). In the second step, we transformed the cottage into a large master room with all the facilities. We did the final design in such a way that at the entrance to the house, there is a wooden staircase so that the residents can use it to reach the upper floor.
About the exterior design of this project, it should be noted that we used very high and gabled roofs to coordinate with the area's ecology. We also considered the attic spaces in children's rooms and tried to increase their creativity with proper design. Plus, to comply with the neighborhood rules, both sides of the project are surrounded by solid walls, but on the other hand, the front view is wholly transparent and glassy.
The turning point of the project is the connection between this cottage and other spaces of the house, the dual functioning, and the creation of separate and appropriate private and public spaces.