Idreamz - Villa

One of the reconstruction projects was the IDreamz project. On the one hand, the building was not allowed to be demolished due to construction restrictions. On the other hand, it was significantly damaged and lacked structure, making it unsafe for the residents and those around it.
Our architectural firm reconstructed this project. By observing the skyline and increasing the lot coverage, we designed a light structure for the project to make the building more static and safe.
About the interior design, we want to note that we designed one of the bedrooms independently, directly related to the terrace and common areas. Furthermore, because a very lush garden provided the main view, we designed frames to emphasize the natural landscape and the main view. We also used the stair element as the main connecting link between the resident and the main view. Likewise, a barbecue and jacuzzi were installed on the main terrace to keep the residents in the open air as much as possible.
The project is designed like a tunnel to emphasize the natural green space and enjoy it.