Multiple House - Villa

This project, which has residential land use, was designed and implemented under the name of Multiple House in Nashtarood, Mazandaran, Iran, at a scale of 1500 square meters. After examining the area, we considered the steep slope(more than 13%) as the main challenge. The critical point in this project is using indigenous materials(such as brick and white cement), conserving the land's natural slope, and generating minimal harmful effects to the ecosystem. So as an architectural firm, we tried to design a slab project which uses stairs to respect the concept of nature, not change the slope of the ground, and not damage the vegetation. Furthermore, we used sharp and sloping roofs because of the specific climate characteristics. In general, we planned the building to maintain its performance separately and to be interconnected to a set of private(bedrooms and terraces) and public spaces(alcove, condominiums, and library overhanging the pool and private courtyard).